Saturday, May 9, 2009

Atlanta Aquarium

We made it! We left Knoxville at 10:00 last night and arrived in Atlanta 3 and a half hours later. The Aquarium opened at 9:00 this morning and we were there when the doors opened. It is really worth the visit. Especilly if you arrive early and beat the crowds. By 11:30 we were begining to have to wait in lines to see an exhibit. My favorite exhibit was the Beluga Whales. I had never seen a beluga whale before and these three were very visable and active in their tanks.
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Ginnymo said...

Awesome Connie!! Aquariums are so neat to see!! Happy Mother's Day!

Connie said...

Today we're doing the zoo. Maybe I'll get a photo of a fox. I'm sure they will not have have any skunks.

Hope yope have a nice Mother's Day.