Thursday, August 13, 2009


We spent some time at the cabin after work last night. I do like the cabin being so near to our home that we can drive up anytime we like without having to worry about the distance.
Our cabin doesn't really look like a cabin. It looks like a small house in the woods. Inside it does look more like a cabin. It has wood floors, the walls are made of wood, and even a wood ceiling. The walls are tongue and groove and gives the place more of a cabin feel. The cabin sets on a hilltop. Looking down you can see Norris Lake. Yesterday we saw 6 turkeys in the yard. Last time we were up we saw a coyote. Bats come out every night, and an owl alarm goes off every morning, sometimes two owls.

This is a view of the lake if you walk in the back yard. The front yard is trees. I noticed acorns are popping out on the oaks. My favorite are the persimmon trees. They produce really large persimmons that are quite tasty. The deer think so too.

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Leedra said...

So nice to have such a retreat to go to. I always said I would rather be able to see the water than to be 'on the water'. Not sure if you are both, either way it looks very nice.

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Kelly said...

So are very lucky to have a cabin to escape to. I'd love to have that some day.

Ginnymo said...

You have a very nice spot there Connie! I always wanted a log cabin in the woods. Just me and the critters. Maybe in my next life..Ha!

Tammy said...

Hey! I want to go to the cabin now.It's beautiful.:0 Wow!