Monday, November 16, 2009

neighbor's cat

An occasional hawk will sometimes take one of the birds from my backyard, but the best hunters by far are my neighbors cats. I put coffee grounds at the bottom of this tree because I read somewhere it was a cat deterrent. Unfortunately the cat hasn't read this. Chili powder, and hot sauce work pretty well, but frequent applications are necessary. My husband can live with the occasional loss of a songbird, but paw prints on his company truck is another matter.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thank Goodness we don't have many cats around here. I would be SO upset if we had them --and they got my precious birdies. We do have plenty of Squirrels and Chipmunks though ---so that is bad enough. ha ha

Ginnymo said...

There are quite a few neighborhood cats around here. I see the black one every morning. When the squirrels aren't coming down, then I know he's out there somewhere. Haven't seen the other two cats lately. Maybe it's getting too cold for them to wander..Ha! Or they got killed too. Never know. Love that photo Connie!

Elizabeth said...

Try orange peel cut finely. (you'll be needing those oranges if winter is around your corner of the world!)
I have been using it to stop the local cats using my yard as their toilet, here in Sydney Australia. Works a treat

Kelly said... kitty stays inside. He's a Rex and almost furless, so he would die of hypothermia, but our neighbors' cats sometimes drive me nuts. They have nabbed more than one bird...... I'll have to try Elizabeth's remedy with the orange peel.

Beth said...

Hi, Connie. I just figured out that you must be the Connie who left a comment on my blog. For some reason, the link from the comment didn't work but I saw your name in a comment on Jayne's friend's blog and figured out that it must be you! So, thank you for visiting---I've really enjoyed my visit to yours. The view from your cabin is just amazing--I can see why you like to spend lots of time there.

As far as what to do about cats---I wish I knew. We have lots of them around here, too and they do stalk our birds. We used to have a dog that scared them off, but he's gone now. Occasionally, I'll yell at them and chase them away, but that probably amuses them more than anything. :-) By the way, that's a really great photo.