Monday, December 7, 2009


Less then 1/4 inch of snow this weekend, but the landscape took on a whole new look. This is the dogwood in front of my house. By late afternoon all the snow was gone.


√ Abraham Lincoln said...

We got even less snow than you did but our snow was the tiny bb size ice pellets. It caused a nightmare on the highways. Lots of accidents.

Your photo is nicer than any I could have shot around here. I did see the city salted the street in front of my house. Not that it was needed.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you got a little snow, Connie. Even a little can be pretty, can't it????

Gorgeous picture of your dogwood.

Carmen said...

so beautiful...even if it was fleeting. Isn't life just like that sometimes?

Beth said...

That is a lovely picture. Amazing how even a little bit of snow can transform our world, even if it is for only the briefest of moments.

Kelly said...

....snow on the trees and plants totally transforms a landscape. Yours is beautiful... We had just a dusting with nothing to show for it, but I'm hopeful. I'd love to see a winter wonderland!