Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am so tired of this weather. The birds provide the only color in the area. I caught this pretty boy while watching for deer from my sunroom. Mark saw three deer at the edge of our yard last weekend. I have only seen tracks.


Beth said...

What a wonderful picture, Connie! Such a handsome fellow. I'm sick of this weather, too. I cannot wait for spring.

During deer hunting season, we saw as many as eight or nine deer in our side pasture at night (which is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence). But since hunting season ended, they've gone back to the woods behind our place. I reckon they figured the coast was clear.

Jackie said...

You've become masterful with that camerea!

Ginnymo said...

Cardinals sure do brighten up the gloom. It's almost like sleet here today but it is warmer! 24 degrees right now! Ha! We are in for some more snow and real cold after tonight.