Friday, March 26, 2010

myself & siblings

Me first, cause I'm the oldest.

My sister Julia followed 13 months later.

Brother Mark came along 14 months after Julia.

Another 16 months goes by and brother Michael arrives

I can remember Mitchell as a toddler.

I can remember Jackie coming home from the hospital.

By the time Mac arrived Julia and I had our own "LIVE" dolls to play with. We were good play parents.

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Leedra said...

All very pretty. I was the 2nd in line and never got an 'offical' photo by myself. I do have one of my older brother and me together. Somehow, I was the one with no studio photos, and I am the only girl,with 4 brothers. That almost seems backwards.

Ginnymo said...

What great photos of you all!

Anonymous said...

Nice memories and some great photos.

BTW, you can feed the raccoons something cheap like dogfood or cracked corn in a place away from the house or bird feeders. They may seem like a pain now but they usually don't stay long even if you feed them. Or those we had didn't.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute pictures of all of you all... My two youngest sons are only 16 months apart in age.