Saturday, August 29, 2009

mom & dad visit

This is Dad's first visit since we completed the remodeling. The sunroom didn't exist before.

The kitchen has all new appliances, as well as new cabinets.

Time to go.


Ginnymo said...

Your mom and dad look like such a sweet couple. Nice sunroom!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

They checked it out and then left????? Didn't even stay for a delicious dinner????

Your remodeling looks wonderful. I know you are proud of it. Did you all do it all yourselves???? Beautiful!!

Connie said...

These days all Dad's visits are short. The remodeling has been done nearly a year. My husband played contractor, and did as much work as he could. He works 50 hours a week atRice Chrysler in Alcoa.

Anonymous said...

The addition is beautiful and I suppose your parents enjoyed the first visit. Everything looks so nice and clean.

I also enjoyed the pictures where your dad took you and where you in turn took others and that view at the restaurant - 3 posts back - is fantastic. My wife always wanted to live in a house high up on a hill like that with a view.

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Cookie said...

Lovely place!

Carmen said...

WOW!!!! I didn't know you redid your kitchen, too!!! It looks like your counter was "moved" and now sits beside the back door...correct? And of course the sunroom is beautiful!!!! WOW!!!!